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Naked people glitch? Also bulk buy glitch

ADHD1134ADHD1134 Posts: 1Member
Hey guys, I must first say that I'm new here but I have a huge love of Legacy, starting with the original version. Neverending Legacy is soo good, but I want to help it get better. The first bug I noticed was my people apparently not wearing clothes?

So when I began the game, clothes would decrease since people were wearing them. I achieved high health through this. However, after ascending and starting my 2nd game, they now seem to not wear clothes? I want to say that they were wearing clothes at the beginning of playthrough, but then I had a massive dying event (due to skipping too much time) and after that they would not wear clothes. Now, even though I make/own plenty of both types of clothing, the clothing amounts only decrease due to decay. Also, my people have extremely low health (around 2-3%), with the primary reason seeming to be no clothes. This stinks!

Also, this new bulk buy bug just occurred today when I loaded the game. It was not like this yesterday. When I try to switch from 'buy 10', it goes right to 'remove 10'. And vice versa. No matter how many times I click in a certain direction, I can't buy/remove 1 or any other amount.

I looked around and it seems these glitches have not been reported yet. Oh also, I cannot ascend again, yet I see people reporting they have ascended twice. This may not be a glitch, or it may be related to one of my other glitches, idk. But yeah. Legacy rules!
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