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DashNet Diplomacy (Forum Game by ATMunn)

ATMunnATMunn Posts: 127Member ✭✭
edited April 2017 in Playground

Welcome to DashNet Diplomacy!

In this game, you will rule a fictional nation from the late Dark Ages. Your goal is to use diplomacy and conquest to conquer as much of the world as possible. You'll manage your alliances, command your armies and navies, and control your finances.

When you sign up, you'll be dropped randomly into a large fictional world, and other nations (these are called non-player nations, or NPNs) will be generated around you. Similar to how it was in real life, there will be some continents that are a lot more populated than others. One of the continents will be almost entirely empty, except for a few tribes. Later on in the game, you will be able to colonize these areas.

I'll try to spread out player nations a decent amount, however, after enough people join, player interaction will be inevitable. Don't be offended however if your nation gets wrecked by another player, (or even by one of the NPNs) you can always get another chance. Depending on what exactly happens, you may have a way to come back, and if not (ie, your nation is completely conquered by another nation) you can make another nation, and try again.

To join, simply say that you want to join, and put your nation's name. (you can come up with it on your own or use a generator, just don't use anything NSFW or offensive) You can also decide if you'd like to be a landlocked nation, coastal nation or island nation. (Note that if enough people decide to be island nations, there may come a point where there are no islands/archipelagoes left, and you may be forced to choose coastal or landlocked.) If you don't specify, I'll choose randomly. (You can also specify one that you don't want.)

After you join, I'll randomly plop you somewhere on the map, obeying whether you want landlocked, coastal or island. I will try to make all nations about equally sized. I'll also create a few other random nations in the area around you, these will be NPNs. This is so you have plenty of things to do, even if no other player nations are near. All nations start with $2,000,000. It seems like a lot, but it may go quickly if you're not careful. You also start with a small army and a navy if you're a coastal or island nation. Specific numbers are here.

The game's time is measured in months. Every month, you'll gain tax income, the NPNs will do stuff, numbers will be generated for random things, (such as battles) and other things. Months will pass every time I post. (or possibly after a few of my posts, if the posts are short) The game starts in January of 1425 and will last until... well, until the thread dies basically. (Which I'm hoping won't happen for a long time...)

All information about countries are stored on some files on my computer. If you would like to know anything about your country, I'll tell you the next time I post. However, most information about your own country is something only you should know. For this reason, I will put these in a spoiler. This works fine, although it runs on the trust system, so DO NOT LOOK IN OTHER PEOPLE'S SPOILERS. If you're really concerned about people being tempted to look in your spoiler, I can PM the information to you. Also, if somehow find out you looked in someone else's spoiler, you'll receive severe penalties, such as losing money, army, or even land. I've decided to simply always PM information.

All this said however, there are non-cheating ways to find out information about other countries. If they are your ally or are neutral, you can simply ask them, and they will likely give you the info. If they're a player, it's up to them, and if they're an NPN, it will simply depend on your past relations. However, your enemies probably aren't going to hand out free information to you. If you want information about your enemies (or someone else refuses to give it to you) you'll need to use espionage. To start spying, you can simply say so. Once you start spying, I'll start randomly giving out information to you. However, the longer you stay spying, and the more information you've gathered, the higher the chances are for your spies to get caught. What happens if they get caught you may say? Well, it depends. If it's a player nation, it's up to them. (Obviously, they can see when you decide to start spying on them, but they aren't allowed to do anything about it until they catch the spies.) If it's an NPN, it will lower their opinion and trust of you, which could potentially lead to war if their opinion was already low enough!

Finally, here's the map. This will be updated every time new nations are created or the political landscape changes in some way. There are 4 continents, which are: Altania, (top left) Solgan, (bottom left) Teranna, (top right) and Ezarten. (bottom right) Altania, Teranna, and Ezarten are all places where player nations can spawn. Solgan, however, is relatively empty, except for tribes. Later on, nations will be able to come over here and colonize it. (Kind of like what Europe did with the Americas in real life.)
...I'm not a very good map artist, am I...

I know this is probably a lot more info than is in a normal forum game. If there's anything you don't really understand, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. Also, if I don't post for a few days, there's probably nothing wrong. I have quite a busy life. EDIT: Actually it might take more time than just a few days. There's a lot of stuff to keep track of for this game, and I'm not always in the mood for it.
I don't know what to put here.
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