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People keep eating rotten food?

TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Posts: 41Member
edited March 2017 in Help
Why does this happen when I have fresh food?


  • fwogcarffwogcarf Posts: 12Member ✭✭
  • TheMobileTheMobile Posts: 8Member
    There are options in Policies: Eat spoiled food and Drink muddy water. They cost 1 influence to toggle. Since there isn't much resources early game, it is best to leave them on, but you can turn them off if you'd like.
  • TheMobileTheMobile Posts: 8Member
    As for the normal eating, do you have herbs, raw meat, seafood, or bugs? If so, people don't really like those, unless you toggle it in the influence tab. They will eat and drink the bad versions of the food if they don't quite like the food.
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