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CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in Playground
Conquer the world in everyone for themselves fantasy game. Make history as you clash with beasts, demons, and fiends to see for yourself who is the strongest dungeon of them all.

Set up your dungeon like its your new home, get resources and lead yourself and or your people to an ultimatum. Set up a religion if you want and watch your experience as its founder grows.

Make something out of this world, or watch as you fall prey to its charm and endless appetite.

You start at level one. You unlock things as you set up things in your dungeon.

Your host surroundings can be either barren, lush, or busy. Each type has a bonus, and consequences.

You start with nothing except 100 points to spawn your own monster or a basic trap, now lets see how you fair when you can gain everything.

Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)


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