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lose save

chiken_lurdchiken_lurd Member Posts: 3
help i just lost my save on my macbook when i wanted to transfer it to my new laptop but when i started the game all my data was gone


  • chiken_lurdchiken_lurd Member Posts: 3
    i tried restarting and nothing happened did i lose it because i was not on cookie clicker for a while?
  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,255 Mod
    edited March 2017
    The save is stored on your computer, so your new computer doesn't have the save data. If you still have your old computer, just click "Export Save," copy that code and paste it online somewhere (Google Docs would work, or any other place where you can paste text online). Then, on your new computer, go to that site and copy the code, then click "Import Save" and paste the code.


    "Save to file," use a flash drive to copy that file to your new computer, then "Load from file" on your new computer.
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  • TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Member Posts: 41
    Buisness season started and I lost all progress... had to load 2hc save...
  • chiken_lurdchiken_lurd Member Posts: 3
    i did have the old laptop but when i started cookie clicker on my old laptop the data was gone so i was not able to transfer it to my new laptop
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