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Can't get Sedentism

MaresianMaresian Posts: 10Member
Been in a game for 69 years now, and have not been able to get sedentism to show up as a research option. I've researched a few things, and I have rerolled many times after getting digging. Sedentism is still MIA. Is there a trick to getting it to show up?


  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    maybe some research is needed before it shows up, buy researches as they shop up rather than reroll it will eventually show up
  • MaresianMaresian Posts: 10Member
    Yeah, so that is a problem as well. I was 69 years in an had only been able to get about 30 insight. Not really a good way to start a game.

    On the other hand, whatever was changed in the last patch seems to have improved the insight rate, so I'm back in business.
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