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Can't bury the bodies fast enough

gorebitchevgorebitchev Posts: 1Member
I'm at a population of ~33k and even though I have enough grave sites open, I have ~20 corpses that refuse to be buried because the rate at which they get interred is steady and the rate at which people die slightly outpaces that. It's really dragging down the mood of the camp.


  • A_RobA_Rob Posts: 2Member
    edited April 2017
    Yeah i am expecting the same problem. At ~86.6k population i have to deal with around 1.2k bodies. My undertaker can dig enough graves, but the bodies are getting buried way too slow with 1 per day. My birthrate exceeds this speed easily.
  • A_RobA_Rob Posts: 2Member
    Somehow my people adapted Ritual Necrophagy and started to eat and/or use the corpses for bones. Reduced the corpses drastically, now the remain below 200. Seems to help a lot.
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