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ascend bonus and information display

POUQIEPOUQIE Member Posts: 18 ✭✭
my suggestions so far :

rather than ascending giving fixed fast ticks, it could passively generate fast ticks, both when active and "paused". This way it would be a overall % accelerated run

Second, I don't see the point of the bottom panel (the fps display one). It takes a lot of space on the screen and is completely empty if you disable fps display (which could appear in the top left corner instead)

And finally and the most important, it would be nice to have more precise information for each item on production and decay/upkeep/use : rather than display in real time when one resource is created or destroyed, it would be nicer to have a constant display of the average +created and -destroyed. For example :
fruits : +2k/day from gatherer, -500/day from upkeep, -30/day from decay etc

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