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Added! Decaying for corpses & more population control options

soupsoup Posts: 2Member
edited April 2017 in Suggestions
Decaying corpses in now in-game so this suggestion is no longer need :)

This is just something that bugged me a little when playing; corpses don't decay and eventually decompose to nothing like food, water etc do. I'd suggest changing it so that corpses too eventually decay and vanish in the same way as food and objects do (after all, a corpse wouldn't sit around in the dirt irl and just lie there forever!)

However to make sure that people don't just go 'well fuck burying bodies lol' corpses decay slowly- not sure how long it takes for other food objects to decay, but twice the length of time would probably be fair- and keep the disease increase and sadness effect. Heck, buff it up a little if needed.

Secondly, I'd be interested in seeing an option to INCREASE population growth as well. Right now we have an option to slow population growth or stop it entirely, but no option to speed it up. I think it would be good to have an option that encourages people to breed, with costs of course. Maybe you need x% of the adult population idle to trigger this option, maybe food and water costs go up substantially (since people are focusing on popping out babies and need the extra energy?)
Could make for more gampeplay styles (maybe someone wants to run a world where longevity, health and happiness don't matter because you're replacing the population so fast that anyone who drops is replaced right away) but would also be useful during the early tribal stages when you want lots of babies to replace fallen workers or increase the population.
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  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    there actually is a fertility rate increase policie that you have to unlock (it uses "faith" resource)

    as for corpses, I think it would be funky if there were a "cannibalism" policy that make you able to eat corpses for example
  • geekahedrongeekahedron Posts: 26Member ✭✭
    There is the Ritual Necrophagy trait, which slowly turns corpses into meat and bone, basically cannibalism in the game already.
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