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How deep do you stack your quotes?

The_Cookie_MonsterThe_Cookie_Monster Posts: 238Member ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Off Topic
I was just wondering what everyone else prefers... Personally I do mine 4 levels deep because that's pretty much as deep as quotes'll ever go.

Edit: oops I submitted the poll halfway through adding option 5... Oh well, if you stack them deeper than that, just vote 4 and say so (so everyone doesn't just end up thinking that you voted 4 levels deep when you actually stack them 6 levels deep, or summat like that... ).
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"RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily." ~Lefian
RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily.

How deep do you stack your quotes? 12 votes

1 level deep (default)
¤RunninginReverse¤UiomancantTelluriumViniChisakoBrainstormTUSLOS1227 7 votes
2 levels deep
Billabo 1 vote
3 levels deep
4 levels deep
LefianitsIndygneratororThe_Cookie_Monster 4 votes


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