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Removing All Workers/Buildings

SalamandaveSalamandave Posts: 5Member
I've had this problem by the current endgame, when I was handling thousands of buildings. Not only that, I once left my Architects out of control, and they queued tens of thousands of houses and tombs. It greatly surpassed the land limit, so it didn't let me build new buildings until I removed the queues!
Removing them by hand in stacks of 50 isn't very pleasant, that's why I suggest being able to remove them (or assign/build them) in higher stacks. Or even remove all of them! (A confirmation message would help for that)


  • E_ZE_Z Posts: 14Member
    I use the Architect only as an Undertaker (until later in the game) to prevent the "upkeep costs" of replacing the older "shelter" buildings that the unit often builds.
    Here are a few more thoughts...
    • Maybe the Architect should only build the most modern buildings possible?
    • Another option for a "city planner-type" unit could be one that automates the process of moving pop from old to new housing
    • I know I have mentioned this elsewhere but if it possible to selectively make a building "obsolete", maybe "city planner-type" units could tag one old shelter unit in the process of building "modern housing"?
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