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How is your civilisation going? Tell us =D

CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
Hey guys =)
So, I finished the mausoleum around year 100, and I've let the game run for 50 years, to see how far my people could explore, if there was a max population possible, and so on.
Exploring the map is pretty fast once you get a lot of workers, and you get max 23.7k land available.
I stopped at 150 years because it seems to have no challenge once you're past 1k people, you just had a bunch of workers everywhere, without any need for micromanagement (maybe once in a while, when you notice a ressource going faster than the others).
So, at year 150 :
  • Population : 103k
  • Workers : 19k working for 70k total (too much people to manage, and 10k workers is actually more than enough to feed all this people)
  • Happiness : 216% (wow, they're happy =D) ; Health : ~2% (can't get it higher, not enough room for graves :|)
  • >8k graves ; >10k houses. Destroyed all the storage to get more land, since they're not that usefull.
  • 5k births a year, 2k deaths (I went up to 7k births/1k deaths, population exploding!). Can't get much more, I can't build new houses. Homeless people are stacking and I expect a huge drop in births, so the population will probably dont go much higher.
  • 12m food, 4m stored
  • Lots, lots of various goods. I got a least 200 people working on each ressource. Plenty of everything, no use for it tho :|
  • 2k gatherers, 1k dreamers (dont really need dreamers anymore, but hey, dreaming is nice!)
  • Clothing for everyone =D
  • They believe in zombies and fear death, yet believe in afterlife (meh kinda makes sense XD)
Save :
I'll pause the game and go another 50 years (or maybe 100) to see how things go !

Come on, tell us about YOUR people =D


  • ProstoK0tProstoK0t Posts: 4Member
    edited March 2017
    Seems same like your village (50k villagers, 100 year), but also it provides ~90k gem blocks ( i cant make more cause of decay :D, but i have ~8M of gems at storage). It means that you can build Mausoleum multiple times without a pause.
    Also all map discovered, it looks cool.
  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Well, I am not playing it because I use iPad, and I can't change crafting settings when playing through apple's Safari.
    "Calm your caps, bro." -Brainstorm

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  • The_Cookie_MonsterThe_Cookie_Monster Posts: 238Member ✭✭
    I tried to see what would happen if I spent ~5 years getting my civilisation to be sustainable, then AFKing for like 300 years and playing on from there. This is what I'm on now (save on Pastebin).

    What I noticed was that I ended up with a load of spoiled food and hundreds of dead bodies, but without the insight to produce the research to unlock 'Graves' and, therefore, bury them. The large amount of un-buried bodies meant that I had about -80% happiness before I turned it around (I had passively unlocked the 'Fear of Death' trait).
    all my friends in the whole entire world: @The_Cookie_Monster, @Drago_Meh, @Maniklas, @McJagger, @Lefian.
    I am r a i n b o w ! !
    "RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily." ~Lefian
    RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    I've ascended once and now stuck at around 166k pop and 23k land. I didn't discover whole map but it seems that my scout doesn't discover new lands anymore even when i have 20k of them. Now I can't grow anymore because my land is full. I guess I could get rid of my storage and keep all land for houses and graves to grow a bit more but I feel like i don't discover new land anymore, I wonder if it's a bug or just an impression because it's real slow

    Actually i feel like graves are bugged, when they decay they don't free the land, you have to manually remove them and then reassign them. But it's pretty boring since you can only go 50 by 50 and it takes a lot of clicks to do so
  • ProstoK0tProstoK0t Posts: 4Member
    POUQIE said:

    I didn't discover whole map but it seems that my scout doesn't discover new lands anymore even when i have 20k of them.

    Yep, thats true. Map is 24x24 square surrounded by "edge of the world" lands that cant be discovered.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    all right thanks i'm not crazy then. I just realized that it indeed tells you edge of the world when you hover them
  • The_Cookie_MonsterThe_Cookie_Monster Posts: 238Member ✭✭
    I just wish you could unlock some sort of easter-egg endgame research that lets Scouts have a mode where they try to explore 'The Edge of The World", but get lost every time... (maybe a cool way to kill scouts if you don't like them??) ((that's dumb, isn't it.))
    all my friends in the whole entire world: @The_Cookie_Monster, @Drago_Meh, @Maniklas, @McJagger, @Lefian.
    I am r a i n b o w ! !
    "RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily." ~Lefian
    RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    24*24 map tiles *100 lands should be around 56k max land right ? I'm maxed out at 23k. I guess ocean doesn't count as land. I don't know if the worldmap is different or the same each time, but if it's fixed it means max is currently fixed at 23k land

    it leads me at max 218k pop as it requires 21,8k land of houses and then the corpses don't have enough land for graves. I doubt it's possible to exceed the 220k pop right now

    also, it's too bad that for now, in the "end game"only a few buildings/jobs and ressources are really needed (and mostly the basic ones : gatherers, fire, clothiers, soothsayers, house & graves) to boost the pop, and most of the advanced materials and building are useless
  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    Nice to see how you guys (and your poor souls depending on you °°) are doing !
    @Pouquie : once you find Architects, you can have an Undertaker to deal with the graves alone?

    So, how things have evolved for me :
    Year 300 : Pop 201k, births/y 6.6k, deaths/y 6.6k (sometimes births are a bit higher, but overall population doesn't increase much), >20k houses (removed all other buildings to get as much space as I can). 60k elders tho XD
    Destroying graves didn't seem to have a huge impact on happiness/health.
    Plenty of everything but mines seem to be bugged, can't increase the workers properly. (I added like 3k workers, but the workers count didn't change)

    Some time later, year 350 : pretty much the same. Pop doesn't increase. Still around 60k elders.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    @corvus : undertakers just automatically adds graves to queue when needed. But you still need the land for each queued grave. But there is sometimes a problem for example my grave count in production tab is in the thousands, but effective graves is displayed for example "134/134". So i can destroy all graves above 134 to free land without affecting the current corpse count, then reassign them again

    when you hover health/happiness it says in red "corpses" when you have, so graves are the best use of land after houses it seems. And it seems confirmed because it seems it's the main reason that the population growth stops when you provide the other needs

    about your mines, do you have enough resources (land and tools for example) ? Hover the mines it should write in RED if you lack one of the needed resources.
    But 3k in mines seems waaaay overkill, the only decent use late is for salt, which can also be farmed by gatherers and diggers (slower rate but it's ok)

    You should be able to push the pop to 216-218k like me I guess.
    Don't forget to get basic clothes (not primitive), to disable "eat raw" policies as well as elder and chid force, and to activate all faith based policies (and get enough soothsayers to maintain). Get enough healers, allocate land to house (with architect) and the rest to graves. But 200k seems close to the max yes
  • TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Posts: 41Member
    Im new and its terrible
  • TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Posts: 41Member
    How do u stop food from spoiling?
  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    @Tuslos : you can't. Provide enough fresh food! Your people will eat spoiled food if there is not enough fresh food.

    @Pouqie : maybe (probably) it's because of the land, didn't think about that. Plenty of tools.
    I just put a lot of people working everywhere, that's why I have so many miners XD
    Everyone if wearing basic clothes, elders and children don't work. I only activated the birth boost, but I guess I'll turn on the others (except the last one, dont really need it anymore).
    I've got >300 years of fast ticks, gonna let them run and see how things go.
  • TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Posts: 41Member
    ok thx :)
  • TUSLOS1227TUSLOS1227 Posts: 41Member
    Why do ppl keep eating rotten stuff when I have fresh stuff?????????? WAT
  • The_Cookie_MonsterThe_Cookie_Monster Posts: 238Member ✭✭
    edited March 2017
    Go to 'Policies' and check if 'Eat Spoiled Food' is enabled. If you turn it off, they should be guaranteed to eat fresh food. Problem is, if you keep it off, you might run out of fresh food and your people will starve ;-;.

    I'm new and ~~~

    Well if you're new, then at least you have a legitimate excuse for double-posting (twice) (unlike someone I know *ahem* *ahem* @pinkydash). Please refrain from doing so in the future, just use the 'Edit' button when you hover your mouse over the top-right corner of the post 8). I'm just doing this because I'm still all salty about @Chisako (the only active forum moderator, in case you didn't know) telling me not to double-post on my first post. In future, if you see someone double- or triple-posting, simply click the 'Flag' button in the bottom-left to report them. ;D
    all my friends in the whole entire world: @The_Cookie_Monster, @Drago_Meh, @Maniklas, @McJagger, @Lefian.
    I am r a i n b o w ! !
    "RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily." ~Lefian
    RIP being able to show off cool dragons easily.
  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    Year 800 !
    Removed a lot of mines and other land consuming buildings to get some more houses (got around 1k more!). I'm up to 214k pop steady. Happiness fell down a little to 190%. No huge change other than that. 7.2k births and deaths each year.
  • Kirby711Kirby711 Posts: 39Member ✭✭
    Any protips? I've unlocked everything, have 203K pop, and have happiness about 190% and health 8%.
  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    You're pretty much done. I'm off to year 1200, nothing much to do.
    Set your policies to fertillity, harvest and flower rituals (wisdom gets pointless), no child or elder labor, let them ear plenty. You can lower all land based buildings to get as many houses as you can. Dont make any storage it's pointless.
  • geekahedrongeekahedron Posts: 26Member ✭✭
    I capped out at 25.2k land and around 115k population, and with no more growth and no real need for metal and gems, any industry was lost and society completely devolved into a hunter/gatherer system. Eventually I have nothing but a few wells, no houses, and a land full of graves with unburied corpses piling up faster than they could decay. Yuck.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    houses are a better usage of lands than graves I believe

    I see you capped at 25,2k land, which is more than my map where I had 23k land maximum, and I was able to cap around 218k pop so I guess you still have room to grow a bit your pop
  • ScarperScarper Posts: 2Member

    It's going pretty good.
  • RevaReva Posts: 1Member
    edited June 2017
    Well my Pop is also doing really well. See here. :)

    I removed all constructions who needed land later on and maxed out on buildings for max population, because later on i see no reason for the most productionlines so far.
    You also just need gatherer, because it give you all things you want. Water, meat and herb for the basic clothes to make people happy. Also make sure that they have a warm place while making firekeepers. I simply just cook, because cooking needs no salt from mines.
    I have some homeless people, but i don't care to manage my population so much, so long they are happy. :P It would be nice if they would stop making babys if you reached a max cap of houses.

  • LexyvilLexyvil Posts: 3Member
    edited July 2017
    I never heard of this game until today, and since I started playing it, I was having a blast with all the micro management in terms of spreading workers around. I got to research every possible choices in the span of 3 hours, and I was on year 55.
    The fact objects decay over time makes it challenging, but for that I love the upgrades/buildings that slows that process down.

    It`s really addicting~
    Does anyone know if the game is still under development? There's a lot of potential, and the fact it has a world map makes it awesome too.
  • TheMobileTheMobile Posts: 8Member
    I sorta tried to speed-run it, finished at around year 35... but I let it run for a few more hours...
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