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Raw seafood doesn't decay in latest patch?

creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
My raw seafood doesn't seem to be decaying after the latest patch, the amount just keeps increasing. (I don't have time to look at this right now, sorry, but there's a save at displaying the problem.) If you hover over "seafood", it doesn't show any loss to decay, and

Whoops, just figured it out. If you have "Eat Raw Meat and Fish" disabled, they don't decay either.


  • creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
    This is still happening in Patch 6. It goes away every time you save and load, but comes back every time you disable and reenable raw fish as food.

    Instructions for reproducing:
    1) Disable raw fish/meat as food. (If it is already disabled, enable it first, then disable it again.)
    2) Without reloading the game, hover your mouse over raw fish.
    3) Observe there is no decay.
    4) Save and reload.
    5) Hover mouse over raw fish.
    6) Observe there is decay.
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