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Sick or wounded workers turn into Adults regardless of age

jnobodyjnobody Posts: 1Member
edited March 2017 in Bug Reports
If you have Sick or wounded elderly (most likely Children as well) if you have elderly workers enabled then are cured of sickness or felt better turn into normal working Adults. Its not a bad bug quite useful really but a bug none the less. found this out at the begging of the game (you start with 5 adults 2 children and 1 elder) and I at one point had 7 adults, 1 child and no deaths.


  • cakeTraycakeTray Posts: 67Member ✭✭
    Unless it's been changed in one of the patches you don't need elderly workers enabled, this happened my first game.
    Dessert Heretic
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 122Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    the game actually doesn't track sick people separately by age because that would be hell to handle, so it just turns people of all ages into sick people and all sick people back into adults hoping the player doesn't notice too much. that's even acknowledged somewhere in the code
    in the future i might handle sickness differently though
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