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Happyness over 200%

100lol100lol Posts: 1,718Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
Also i currently have 1.1k Happyness
LOL, I.........................


  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 119Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    the 200% cap actually only affects the productivity boost, but i'll either make it clearer or force the cap on the amount.
    can i ask what's giving your people so much happiness ?
  • KTMKTM Posts: 7Member
    I haven't dived into the code to see what's going on, but I have high happiness as well. Still a small population (~16), but the tooltip says I'm getting about +500 happiness/tick from "warmth, fruit, warmth & light, cold & darkness, cooked food, cooked meat, cooked seafood". There's trace unhappiness (like -.4/tick) from herbs and corpses, but it's very much outweighed by everything else.

    "Cold & darkness" showing up as a positive is the only obviously strange thing.
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 119Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    i've made a couple tweaks, try to refresh the page and see if numbers are a bit less weird
  • KTMKTM Posts: 7Member
    Now it's down to ~+3/tick which seems more reasonable.
  • 100lol100lol Posts: 1,718Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
    edited March 26
    its probably because i have tens of gatherers and not all of the workers working
    i went up to 2.9k and im down to 80% right now
    EDIT: it went down to 80% because i made so much workers on other professions
    LOL, I.........................

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