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Sick villagers from toggling healthy options?

princeminseokprinceminseok Member Posts: 2
I've been sitting at -0% health this whole game with nothing else to research and everything working so I've been toggling some stuff to see what I'm missing. I turned off the ability to eat bad water and food, and I dropped to -7% even though I have more than enough good food and water?


  • HasyaHasya Member Posts: 4
    have u try making some cured seafood with firekeeper?
  • HasyaHasya Member Posts: 4
    also make sure to make enough clothes based on your total population
  • AK1TTENAK1TTEN Member Posts: 2
    Didnt see your topic, but I had the same issue and made a post of my own a few minutes ago. Very strange..
  • OrteilOrteil Administrator, Game Dev Posts: 121 Admin
    fixed in the next patch, this was due to consuming bad food and water clamping down all happiness and health to 0.
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