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Removing Graves Doesn't Reduce the Number of Burial Spaces You Have

SDustSDust Posts: 1Member
If you right click a grave to remove it, it will properly reduce the amount of land it takes but it won't reduce the number of burial spaces available to actually fill with dead people.

To reproduce:
1. Build a grave. Note the amount of land used up and the amount of burial spaces you have.
2. Remove the grave by right clicking it. Note again how much land and burial spaces there are.

I don't know if this works on other things that give burial spaces because I am not that far into the game.


  • LocustLocust Posts: 1Member
    edited March 2017
    Seconded. The graves can be deleted whether occupied or not, and easily exploitable for endless grave space. I could achieve well over 100 graves with only 100 land tiles total. (I'm currently on a run started after patch 5)
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