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Maintain Population

GrimTriggerGrimTrigger Posts: 2Member
Hey everyone,

Currently for population control there is 3 options:
Forbidden - No one has children
Limited - Your people are only allowed to have one child
Normal - No controls on birth rate

I am suggesting a setting which maintains your population at current level or level of your choosing. Allows better control of how your people develop and allows you to manage resources better.


  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    actually I don't understand the population control option.

    What is the point to have anything but the maximum ? The goal is to have the population grow
  • SalamandaveSalamandave Posts: 5Member
    I can say I needed population control in the endgame, when I couldn't build anything anymore because I reached the maximum land limit with housing. With Limited population, the population somehow kept a balance between the population, and the number of houses available, and they only had babies when a person died. Or that seemed to me.
  • POUQIEPOUQIE Posts: 18Member ✭✭
    well i still don't get it, it seems better to me to have more population even if they are homeless, and just destroy home to free space (but I think houses are the best use of land anyway)
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