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Clicking on completed Wonder leads to Ascend loop

creidiekicreidieki Member Posts: 19 ✭✭
I built the mausoleum, then clicked "Back", because I didn't want to Ascend yet. Then I clicked the mausoleum again. The result: it's now in an infinite loop of popping up the "Wonder complete" screen.

Reloading the page, or exporting-and-importing the save game, don't fix this.

Save game, currently caught in infinite loop:

Instructions: load save game. "Mausoleum" window will pop up. Click "Back" or the "X". "Mausoleum" window will pop up again.

(I'm using Firefox 52.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.12.3, in case that turns out to be relevant. I haven't tested in other browsers.)


  • pierstovalpierstoval Member Posts: 3
    To add my 2 cents, if you're having LOTS of ticks (like more than 2 years of ticks) and accelerate the game, if the mausoleum is built, the browser enters in an infinite loop of showing the box that asks to ascend, and therefor the browser crashes because.

    I think ascending should not be proposed automatically, but only when clicking a complete mausoleum.
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