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Only one Mausoleum victory is ever counted

creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
I've ascended with a Mausoleum twice, but it says I've only done it once on the Legacy screen ("Achieved: 1 time"). This appears to be the fault of line 3644 of main.js: "achiev.won++" is inside an if statement, and is only called if "!achiev.won". So it can only count up to one.


  • KiblinixKiblinix Posts: 2Member
    It also seems like the bonus doesn't stack if you ascend multiple times, don't know if that's intended or not?
    I've ascended 3 times now and still get 3 years fast ticks at the start, and 1 year fast ticks per research unlocked total.
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 121Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    Victories should be counted multiple times as of a few patches ago, but the effects don't stack (though achievements with stacking effects are planned in the future).
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