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[BUG] Legacy: Click to remove NaN

deimosimpactdeimosimpact Posts: 5Member
I have somehow ended up with NaN of pretty much everything. It was lumber at first, then when I bought other things, they gained NaN until it was NaN all the way down.

Here is my save:


  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    Created an account to report the same problem.
    It seems to have started with lumber as well, tho I'm not 100% sure. My NaN ressources are : Lumber, Basic Building Material, Cut Stone, Log, Brick. Workers, Land and Barns are also NaN.
    (I'm sad, I was finally starting to get a great civilisation ;_;)
  • creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
    Dear whoever is debugging this (I think Orteil),
    I looked at this briefly. My best guess is that it's a division by zero somewhere. You may be thinking, it can't be a division by zero, because that would give you infinity, not NaN. But that's the thing: in the decay code, if you have infinity of a resource, then an infinite amount of it decays, causing you to have (inf - inf) = NaN of it.
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 122Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    my only guess for this is buildings like the barn that requires basic building materials, and then a sub-resource from basic building materials; i patched this yesterday by removing the lumber requirement and adding some safe-guards against it.
  • CorvusCorvus Posts: 7Member
    Started a new game, didn't see this bug again.
    Might be fixed !
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