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In this thread; Create lore for your civilization.

¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Posts: 15,856Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
Yeah...The title.

I'll create a compiling area in spoilers below once we get some entries.
Warning! Warning! One left in the way


  • AgubhaguAgubhagu Posts: 573Member ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    whoops i almost forgot about this.
    oh well, i guess i'll post something.
    though be warned, it's not that high-quality, i didn't work on it that long
    Short description : United tribes with a single ruler( Chief) of lifelong reign. Tribes excluding Zokko have essentially zero autonomy( only able to leave the union with a very well justified reason). The ruler may appoint any Second Chief to be the next ruler during rule. Second Chief has no more privileges. Claim on throne has closest, the eldest relative of the ruler from next generation. If no next generation, same generation. Since 18524, if the ruler abdicates, their eldest sibling gains claim on the throne. If no siblings, claim gets the eldest parent.
    Berga( 17170) and Ψöuy( 17178) join the union
    Äßberй II( female) 17007 - 18524
    Äßberй II abdicates, creates Zokko Minor( 18524)
    Dživniζ is the next on the throne of the United Tribes of Zokko. First male ruler.
    Dživniζ( male) (Akanca) 18524 - ?
    Äßberй II and Second Chief of Zokko Minor assassinated in 22875.
    Dživniζ is the next on the throne of Zokko Minor. Zokko Minor joins the union( is essentially annexed) in 22882.
    The people of Zokko Minor found a person with more claim on the throne than Dživniζ - Keter( female) becomes ruler of now independent Zokko Minor ( 23066). Zokko Minor renamed to Zekksa ( 23067).
    In 23158, dynasties form. Every pair of people gets a surname( 8 original dynasties). If a person of the same surname is higher than a 3rd cousin of the main branch, they become a new dynasty. A person in Zekksa is a part of a zondebese dynasty.
    Let the Akanca dynasty bring us much prosperity.
    Keter suddenly dies of a seizure( 23642). The closest person in blood relation to Keter is Potzov Šervid, found 23643, becomes ruler on the same day.
    Potzov Šervid claims that Zekksa and the Šervid dynasty are the real Zokko( Äßberй II had a closer relation to the Šervids than the Akancas).
    On 23649, medication to Zolzi Šervid is denied in Zokko, and so a cold war begins between Zekksa and the United Lands of Zokko. No zondobese or zekksani may travel into the ' untrue' Zokko. He survives the illness, but he may not be elected as Second Chief.
    In the fear of a war with Zekksa through them eventually having a claim on the zondobese throne through a Second Chief related to the Šervids, Dživniζ Akonca cancels the power to elect Second Chiefs on 23862. Potzov Šervid does the same. This isn't received too well, because now only the ' privileged' ones may have more impact.
    On 24507, the number of people as soothsayers in the United Lands of Zokko reduced from 5 to 1. Considered in the population as against the zondebese spirit.
    24820.. this day will forever be remembered in Zokko. This is a revolution. The people of the United Lands of Zokko have finally settled down. Houses are being built.
    On 25110, the population has for the first time in zondebese history exceeded 16 people. Pever, welcome.
    25024, a food.. well, hole was built. But, this will store more food. And this is just the start for preserving food.
    25404, all food is being stored now.
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  • 222lawlawlawl_games222lawlawlawl_games Posts: 314Member ✭✭
    It was a lonely summer afternoon, one that necessitated some kind of event, and there was one. The local people had a common cause, to find a place to call "Berlin" and they found their Berlin. It had all the things that were need to survive and they decided to settle down in this place. They nominated a leader, his name was Fredrick II Von Hozerholleren, and he was an effective leader. He was remembered for his ruthless efficiency in developing a language and some sort of culture. God bless his soul.
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