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NeverEnding Legacy: Exploration amount doesn't depend on # of explorers?

creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
From testing and looking at the code, the amount of exploration done by Wanderers and Scouts doesn't seem to depend on the number of them that there are? (Looking particularly at main.js:3851-3852). This may be a bug.


  • creidiekicreidieki Posts: 19Member ✭✭
    After playing a while further, I'm finding this is actually a pretty big problem with a large empire: I can't open new land fast enough to build graves and housing. If I were going to keep going, I'd need to turn down the birth rate until I finish the 250-corpse backlog.
  • pierstovalpierstoval Posts: 3Member
    I also tried with about 250 scouts and/or wanderers, and the exploration does not seem to accelerate at all, but they are more likely to get lost and therefore disappear from your civilization.

    I think it might be a bug :/
  • OrteilOrteil Posts: 119Administrator, Game Dev Admin
    fixed as of yesterday's patch.
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