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Never Ending Legacy Suggestions

redMonolithredMonolith Posts: 2Member
Since there isn't one up, I thought I'd create one:
(This would be for suggestions and not bug reports)

1) Some sort of income / consumption feedback for consumables in their tooltips, food especially (sorry if it's in the game, but I didn't see it) Maybe do it tied to technology, so at the start it gives you a per year rough estimate, might even just say Positive/Negative because stone age. Then as you progress in technology it starts showing you per year estimates, then daily estimates, then instant estimates with percentages and whatever. Maybe have a toggle somewhere for when it gets super advanced, allowing you to charge for it with some future currency.

2) Maybe I'm dumb, but the arrow thing on the buildings with multiple craft types wasn't obvious to me at the start, so I was wondering how the hell lodges were useful, or why I could only build fires OR cook. Eventually I figured it out, but maybe include that in the tips? Or make it glow when you get your first building that has one so that the player goes and clicks it.

3) Again, maybe dumbness on my part, but at first I didn't notice that there was a difference between Uses and Requires Workers. I would just see the worker icon and assume it was always Uses. Since people kept disappearing in random numbers because of the explorer bug (other thread, I think it's a bug anyway), it took me a while to realize those workers weren't actually getting spent. Maybe some separators between Uses / Requires / Upkeep?

These are it for now, as I had to stop because of the aforementioned bug. Hopefully more people will add their suggestions.

Tons of potential in this game :D


  • NatenexNatenex Posts: 10Member ✭✭
    Don't feel bad, it took me a while to find the arrow too.
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