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Gives X for Y when specific upgrade bought [ANSWERED]

100lol100lol Posts: 1,705Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
edited March 24 in Help
in my case, i need to add +6 clicking power when 1 specific upgrade is bought
yet i cant find how to do it
hep me
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  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,038Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
    afaik you can't simply set a specific amount to add to the power of a clickable.

    the solution i'd use is

    - gives 1 resource

    - gives 7 resource
    - hidden

    upgrade would be
    - converts clickable_v1 clickable_v2
    - locks clickable_v1
    - unlocks clickable_v2

    might need some fine tuning, and i am too busy to test it right away, but give it a shot and let me know if it works for you
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  • 100lol100lol Posts: 1,705Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
    thank you
    mi firnds: karlolin, gouchnox, unhappyicon, 100lol, carmory

    "grlagrgrealg" ~Karlolin

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