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Gray Gooze (FORUM GAME by brainstore)

BrainstormBrainstorm Member Posts: 11,218 ✭✭✭✭✭
This is basically a version of Gray Goo, except different..

Everyone gets a Gooze, a Gray Gooze.
You can do anything you want to it, feed it, battle it, strike it with lightning? Anything! Just, it can't exceed your current power level

You all start with power level = 50

Feed carrot = 3 power = acceptable
Strike with lightning = 30 power = acceptable
Feed legendary dragon egg = 80 power = NO

You will all be put in a perfectly well biome, and you may meet each other and battle your goos to the death

To begin, just say I want to join, then pick a color (because gray Goozes are not gray goos), a name for your Gooze, and the first action in the same post

Starting Gooze stats:
Hp: 5
Atk: 1
Armor: 0
Magic: 0
Type: Gray Gooze

My Gooze stats:

Hp: 1M
Atk: 200K
Armor: 10K
Magic: 700K
Type: Chaos, Draconic Overlord of Time and Space
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