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My clicker game! (MAGIC MAKER)

KhalidPlaysKhalidPlays Posts: 618Member ✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in Games - Old
after 2 days of working i made this first beta of a clicker game made with idle game maker called Magic Maker! and heres the link just suggest what you want me to add next thanks for reading and here is the pastebin link go over there and let me know if there are any "bugs"
HEY! all you hardcore players who want a challenge heres the hardcore version of the game!!

First beta (March 11 2017) LOG
added Magicians
added wizards
added pictures

Beta 2 (March 12 2017) CHANGELOG:
added towers
Minor improvents

Beta 3 (March 13 2017) CHANGELOG:
added generators
Several price changes
removed pictures
Many more new upgrades to increase CPS

Beta 4 (March 15 2017) CHANGELOG:
Added King
Added Portals
some new upgrades

Beta 5 (March 16 2017) CHANGELOG
Added Achievements
Price Changes
Minor Improvements

Added Much more upgrades

FULL RELEASE 1.1 (March 22 2017)
Added some more upgrades
Fixed some bugs

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