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First Time Storys

Moms_BasementMoms_Basement Member Posts: 3
edited March 2017 in General Discussion
Talk about your first time playing cookie clicker.

It took me three days to get to a shipment. I was not the best.



  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Member Posts: 770 ✭✭✭
    I think the very first time I played, I was buying and selling buildings right, left and centre. Having failed to notice that selling a building recouped only 50% of the purchase cost, I would go "Ooh, there's a Wizard Tower! I can buy that if I sell off a heap of my existing buildings!" I think at one point I sold everything I had so I could start buying again with the highest building available.

    It wasn't long before I realised what was holding back my cookie balance, after which I restarted the game and did some serious analysis of buying strategy, which eventually led to the construction of my spreadsheet.
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