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Dashnet card game (Not really official yet)

ManiklasManiklas Member Posts: 2,802 ✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in Playground
This is a copy from @Uiomancant 's version, he made the original.
I'm just here to continue the game

To join, you must indicate you join, for example, say join or something. Pretty standard.
I will use a random generator to get you 20 random cards.
Two uniques will be rerolled.

After that, you can challenge one of these categories:

Level 1: Totally random cards. Worth 7 cards
Level 2: Random cards, but edited to have more synergies. Worth 9 cards
Level 3: Mirror of your own deck, has more life. Worth 13 cards. (and 2 rares)
Player duel: Duel another player,
More to come (I need to actually think about some decks)

A deck is made out of 20 cards. Your resource is levels, and generates every turn at 1/t. After 3 turns it goes to 2/t. After 5 more turns it goes to 3/t

You can get more by exchanging them.
5 commons = 1 random
3 uncommons = 1 random
2 rares = 3 randoms
1 legendary = 10 randoms

Here's how it works. Each player starts with 30 points. You play things to lower the amount of points they have. There are spells and users.

Each card has a level cost, and can have abilities.
You must attack other users if able. Then you can attack the other player.
There's also stickies, which are on the field, but can't be attacked or attack, the provide a bonus.
Roles buff users until they die.
You start with 5 cards and draw 1 per turn, if you have 7 cards you discard one.
Users cannot attack on the turn they're placed.

You play all your cards at once, unless they're hidden. Then it applies when combat is happening.
Only one unique user of a kind (No two jarrs pls, one is enough) If two are on the battlefield at the same time, they are removed from play, without activating any effects.

Card weights:
Common 60.0%
Uncommon: 20.51%
Rare: 14.25%
Legend: 5.24%

Yeah I've changed stuff, whutt you gonna do about it?
I will link to all cards here link doesn't work, copy this into your clipboard;
Things may change because I am good at changing things
. .

4 new features are coming!
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