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CPS Display Bug

AbocreatureAbocreature Member Posts: 2
I recently came back to cookie clicker, and noticed in the beta that the CPS counters on Cursors, Grandmas and in general.
You can see the math is a bit off in the total here.

And yeah. 0 cps. Turns out 0 x 3 = 2.
The total CPS includes the weird math under the cursors one, but seems to in practice actually gain cookies like it's supposed to.
I've tried refreshing the page and it didn't work.


  • AbocreatureAbocreature Member Posts: 2
    Update: After buying a couple upgrades, the cursor counter seems to have fixed itself. Grandmas now properly show that each one gains... more than 0, but the math is now bugged for the total. Farms seem to be fine. Hopefully this'll all fix itself in time.
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