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Holy Shit

pinkydashpinkydash Posts: 1,683Member, Wiener ✭✭✭✭
First off I want to say thank you. Nomatter who you are reading this just thank you.

Over the past year and a halph I have gone through some shit. But with your help I am pulling through. All the friends I met the disscusions I've shared, the memes. It all has shaped me into who I am as a person. This site belive it or not is my life cumpled into a mush of code on the internet. I have my momments when I say or do somthing funny but mostly I just admire. I admire you. My idol. The drama on this site has put it all into perspective for me. We are all just people living our lives with our own problems who all just happen to be on the same website.

Sometimes I just look through my history and remember typing comments. Hay i'll probably look back at this one and say "I remember the salt of my tears while writing that"

I love you. Nomatter who you are. Just remember that someone out there loves you. You have a shoulder to cry intto. A friend.

There are a few people who I would like to speak about in this revalation ov mine

@Tellurium When I see your profile I see one thing in you. Tallent. You were the one I would always spell there name wrong or say it wrong untill I grew up and realised that you were on the periodic table. You inspired me to draw. I may suck at it but heay I still do it.
When I had a problem I went to you first. You were an insparation. Thank you
@✭Chisako✭ I didn't know you well but you were always just THERE in the shadows. Watching and updating. You are a good mod and a friend on discord. You are one of the main people on the discord server now. You created my fav things on discord. Cake imoji. Thank you
@BurthCookie / whoever you are now (idk). Back when I was an innocent small child I thought your sex on here was in at least a little bit related to your profile and we all weren't pony obbsesed guys I thought you were a girl (from oc) I imagined you and such a peacful and elagant creature. (Back over a year ago before your dad) I had no idea who you were. I ended up having a crush on the immage In my head to soon find out that the would issnt sunshine and rainbows. Back then you semmed pretty feminine I guess because that was just what I pictured you bieng. Then your dad came and I was blown to shit thinking you were dead. That was when I quit dnf so I went on thinking that. Thank you
@Darkmatterfire heay memeanator. Darkmatterfire you are the current king of memes here on dnf and I hope it stayes that was cuz man if I needed a meme I just scrolled though your tab looking through memes. And laughing. Your another that has just always been on the fourm. Thank you
@Cookiewoodstock I gotta say I'm sad to see him go and the fourm just ain't the same without all the cws drama buy its nice in its own ways. Thank you
@Darky you have always been the silly one with your vidios and such. I wish I could remember more but its 4:30 in the morning and i'm tired. Thank you
@pinkydash you are always in the back never up to date and always observing. You need to be in the know more often. You need to pay attention and not be a lazy flank. Bee in activitys more get all the jokes and whatnot and soforth. You need to commit and get your head in the game. You have the brain you just don't have the mind. You have the capibility you just don't have the tools. So go get the tools. I know I'm bieing philosophical here but what can I say I'm 10 and I have a philosophy class.

You all have been with me along with many others they are countless. I love you all. You help me through tough time and make good times. I wish to from this point on be on the fourm every day and be up to date on everything

And also people like zuptin and uio and running I still see you and love you all and I will always be here for every one of you and I will always be here for you like you were for me. If you weren't there for me that dosent even matter. I just wanna help
"I'm lonely please help" - me

Goodbye - Pinkydash


  • pinkydashpinkydash Posts: 1,683Member, Wiener ✭✭✭✭
    Sorry for bumping but another year and a half later I still love you.
    "I'm lonely please help" - me

    Goodbye - Pinkydash
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