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OVERMIND, the new Internet's first test! [TURN 2]

YoukCatYoukCat Member Posts: 1,800 ✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in Playground
You and several others have been selected to test out the first replacement attempt of the Internet, the Overhive!
We have given requests to various users we would think would be fitting as the desired demographic. We will call these players: Civilians. Your job? Fuck around and do whatever you want!
After that, we went to a tech company and hired a bunch of random employees who don't know each other, we will call these players: Security. They're job is to make sure the place stays safe!
Finally, though, we went into the Deep Webs and offered a Hacking Site to join. These ones were given one simple goal: Make sure you hack every server, and keep them hacked. We call them the Rogue.

Then, for several days, we locked these people into rooms with drinks and food, no one knows eachother, and they are trying to stay active. We gave three of them Administrator permissions and granted them a server, each of which seperate accounts must be made for unless you want to stick to your "home" server you selected at the start.
We title these three servers: SALEM TOWN'S HUB, RANDOM FORUMS, and DASH.NET
Each of these servers have their own communities based on the personalities of the ones we've picked. And by breaking the walls between each one, who knows what hacking potential can be unlocked!

However, you each will know some things before you go in! The CID and UI are two very important things. The CID is your Computer IDentification. Some people can do malicious things using this thing, such as sending unauthorized virus's into your system. We still haven't managed to fix that, so try to hide it. The UI is your User Information. If someone figured it out, they can get into your account and view your files, messages, and much, much more. They'll even be able to control your every action and, if they wanted, purge your account. Shutting you out completely.

I see that you're in shock at how little information we gave you, that's because not everyone knows Overhive Safety! More information will be granted to Hackers when it comes to hacking, and along with that, you will all retain information from your jobs which we handpicked from. That's right, if you're someone who knows how to make Adware, you'll know the ins and outs of those kinds of virus's.

So go on, sign up and join the Overmind!

Let's see if you last...



(Fill the following out to sign up)
Are you willing to make accounts for other sites: YES/NO
Preferred Username: ______
Custom UI (costs 1 YP to get): ----
Custom CID (costs 1 YP to get): -----

Signed in players: WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!
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