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[SUGGESTION] "Users Online" section

Camwood7Camwood7 Posts: 158Member ✭✭✭
All this time, and we don't have any widget to display how many users are currently online, who they are, or other stuff like that? Other forums have that sort of thing, but we don't. And it's strange, because that seems like it'd be pretty useful!
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  • LefianLefian Posts: 1,912Member ✭✭✭
    I agree m8y. That's all the input I have to offer.
  • ManiklasManiklas Posts: 2,885Member ✭✭✭
    Yeah that's a good Idea noh8m8thinkitsgr8
  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
    Recently I've been trying things on my own version of vanilla forums, mainly to see what works and what not and if it does, "How?".
    There are ways to add a "who is online" list but it comes with some downsides.

    - It takes up resources which might not be that bad right now but if we were more people again, it could start to cause lags and other issues, potentially.
    (with just one user i can not do much testing for that.)

    - The two working plugins I found have the ability to let the user decide if he shows up on that list or not, which, by experience from Skype and Slack group, is something people tend to use. (Nothing against lurking but setting yourself to offline in a messenger is rather pointless. And it would make the feature on the forums pointless as well.)

    So, because of that I think that an online-list is rather unnecessary; some people would just set themselves to 'invisible' and at the same time it would use up resources that could be used for other things.

    I don't see much use for it to justify the work you have to put into it as well. If that thing is added, the Forums style sheet has to be updated too.

    For those who are curious what it would look like by default:

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  • BrainstormBrainstorm Posts: 11,227Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    (Hey, that was MY suggestion!)

    I'm all ears, bud.
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  • AgubhaguAgubhagu Posts: 573Member ✭✭✭
    i don't really see a point to this, honestly. you can check if someone is online by clicking on their profile.
  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
    Agubhagu said:

    i don't really see a point to this, honestly. you can check if someone is online by clicking on their profile.

    Technically speaking you can only check if they were online recently. The point to an online list would be to see who is online right now or who was in the past few minutes depending on the settings. Makes more sense than checking every single of the couple of thousand accounts each.
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  • AgubhaguAgubhagu Posts: 573Member ✭✭✭
    it's not too hard to check, i think. it is a bit tiring after a while, but i don't think people constantly check if someone's online. if what i am saying is true, there wouldn't be much point to an online list. it would slow things a bit for not much reason, since everyone online would be on it( i don't think that many users are interested in knowing every person that is online).
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