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Settlers of Dashnet (Obviously taking inspiration from Settlers of Catan)

Frank_3everestFrank_3everest Member Posts: 1,519 ✭✭✭
edited February 2017 in Playground
Description: Everyone assumes the role of a dashnet colonist who seeks the good of dashnet-kind. This is a cooperative game in which everyone helps out. As long as people follow the rules, this game should be self-sufficient.

Goals: Collect resources, and build your civilization. Every time you achieve the target population (this doesn't count you posters...), you get more buildings and stuff. Some events may occur which may take out some of your population such as disease.

Do not use the last crop or livestock. You cannot cheat in stuff.

Wood (start with 3)
Stone (start with 3)
Livestock (start with 4)
Crops (start with 2)
Weapons: Locked
Armor: Locked
Soldiers: Locked

Explore: Gain 1 Wood and 1 Stone or two wood or stone.
Farm: Farming spends all crops, but they will double during harvest. You must wait three comments to harvest.
Harvest: You can't farm and harvest at the same time.
Requires 1 livestock
Build: Spend resources to build stuff.
Breed people: Adds 1 to your population, or 2 livestock (this may raise later).
Requires 1 crop
Pillage: Locked

Tent: Made of animal skin and wood.
Requires 1 wood and 2 livestock
Gives 2 Housing Space

Hut: Made of sticks and stones.
Requires 5 wood 5 stone
Gives 5 housing space

-=Current target population: 10=-
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