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Clicker (my bad game)

TLGa2007TLGa2007 Posts: 32Member ✭✭
Hello! This is my last clicker with pictures from the Internet (Not mine).
He is name...
Click the coins!
oh... forget! About update and staffs.
I not make update on this clicker! Reason: I think this is a terrible game.
17 buildings
5 resources
1 clickables
4 upgrades
4 achievements.
hey boi, do you likes a vanpirmo staff?


  • fileorginfileorgin Posts: 2Member
    Great! Thanks for the clicker man.
  • TLGa2007TLGa2007 Posts: 32Member ✭✭
    fileorgin said:

    Great! Thanks for the clicker man.

    Thanks for the feedback! I never thought someone will like my clicker. Weird.
    hey boi, do you likes a vanpirmo staff?
  • 100lol100lol Posts: 1,680Member, Wiener ✭✭✭
    pretty good, i found like if the gameplay would be slower and bulilding prices more buffed
    mi firnds: karlolin, gouchnox, unhappyicon, 100lol, carmory

    "grlagrgrealg" ~Karlolin

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