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6 suggestions

RedPlanetTitanRedPlanetTitan Member Posts: 6
edited February 2017 in Suggestions

My suggestions are:

1) a new hc upgrade: get as many cookies at the beginning as many you have prestige levels (example: if you ascended 200 prestige levels you will have 200 cookies in the bank after reincarnation); cost: 1 (or 5) heavenly chip(s);

2) keep developing hc upgrade "distilled essence of redoubled luck", second upgrade will cost twice as much as the first and will give you two more percents to chance to get a doubled golden cookie, next upgrade three times much expensive, the forth - four times; so it'll be 10% of chance to double a golden cookie and will cost 77 777 770 hc overall;

3) sliding frenzy (if you played a game Nox, you can remember a cursor in main menu which was pouring some kind of magic dust while you were moving your mouse [visit to see the effect]) will be activated like other frenzies but you should move your mouse for more cookies income (i think it would be funny erasing your mouse pad like a mad man while playing cookie clicker);

4) a friend of mine started playing cookie clicker in the summer so he didn't see any seasons until he unlocked a hc upgrade "season switcher", can we have a season during the summertime then? (i have no idea what kind of season it would be but the game bloody needs it);

5) reworking dragon auras (i have 1 oct cps without golden switch and my game was kinda stuck even when i had something about hundreds of sept cps; i use only BoM, RA and Earth Shatterer cause Dragonflight is burning my prisms rapidly (they cost several decillions for me)): Dragon Cursor, Elder Battalion, MoTA, Fierce Hoarder, Arcane Aura, AM, UD, EM are useless during all the period of game, that's why they need some buff or total rework; putting the effects of MoTA and FH together and buffing them twice will be fine, also effects from AA, AM, UN and EM at once won't break the game;

6) in-game chat.

tnx for attention
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  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,520 ✭✭✭✭✭
    1. It's... Interesting. It may save a few seconds of every run, but after buying Heavenly Chip Secret it becomes kind of useless. But since it costs so little, maybe it'll work?

    2. I've never got a double CG, so I can only speculate here, but I think the idea of getting two CG effects simultaneously is supposed to be a rare occurrence. If I recall correctly, it also gives a chance to get double Reindeers, which means chance for double Eldeers. And there goes the bank's ceiling.

    3. Now that is a funny one. I admit, I laughed. I wonder what the icon for it should be. A
    shaking cursor? Sounds hard to code and harder to balance, IMO, but it's really not a bad idea.

    4. Summertime is evil. Do not taint our sacred cookies with such blasphemy.
    (Alternate theory: Orteil wants you to have fun in the summer, not play some boring idle game. Get off your ass and go enjoy that sweet sunshine already!)

    5. Well, yeah. There are basically three or four good auras overall, and the rest is situational at best. Orteil wants to work a bit more on CC after releasing the Legacy beta. Maybe he'll change the auras. Then again, maybe he won't. They'd have to be thematic to the building they're related to, and to compete with things like Radiant Appetite is no easy task. It could make the game completely unbalanced.

    6. No. We have the forums for this very reason, and then some more.

  • RedPlanetTitanRedPlanetTitan Member Posts: 6
    reply Vini:

    1) maybe there should be 7 times more cookies than you have prestige levels then;

    2) you speculate right way; 10% chance of getting two golden cookies simultaneously won't break game because of bank's ceiling;

    3) visit to see the effect;

    4) ok, maybe September event then?;

    5) Orteil will make his own mind;

    6) what a pity...

    (don't know how to reply, just added a comment)
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