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jupiterboyjupiterboy Member, Wiener Posts: 53
I recommend to skip cursors and grandmas entirely, maybe buy 10 cursors and sell them immediately to get the upgrades, and click all the way to farms. get a couple farms, maybe. keep working your way up.
Beginning to Early game
buy a couple mines once you have enough money, and maybe a factory. click any golden cookies you may find. note: if your first gc is a lucky, the next one is probably going to be a frenzy, and vice versa. Buy more farms, and a couple more mines. Progress to the point of making 2 million cookies.
Early to Mid game
hire a grandma and then fire it, (alternate terminology for "buy" and "sell" in grandmas) to get more milk from just wrong. Get a bank and a couple more factories. Progress to the point of getting a temple, and get whats in a name, cookiedunker, tiny cookie, and here you go (you could also do these before making your first cookie) get temples and wizard towers.
Early-mid game
by now you've progressed to the point of having 15 of every building up to alchemy labs, hire 25 grandmas and then fire them, to unlock grandma upgrades. buy all of the grandma faces, and then bingo and research center. buy a portal.
Late-mid game
you may notice that your cps is starting to lag behind. this is where we go back to the humble cursor. buy around 200-600 cursors, and get the cursor upgrades. this will make cursors a major part of your production. hire one grandma, so the grandmapocalypse can start. buy the research upgrades up to communal brainsweep. buy time machines, antimatter condensers, and prisms. buy octillion fingers. ascend. you should get around 100-ish HCs. spend them on perm upgrade slot 1, which you should set to octillion fingers.
Late game
click 100 cookies, spend them on a grandma. click a couple times after that, and because of octillion fingers, you will get a lot of cookies. Spend them on banks. Continue clicking. Get a shipment, and more (100-200) grandmas. Continue on.


  • ChisakoChisako Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Posts: 1,034 Mod
    You call that a strategy... I don't see what this strategy is supposed to achieve though.
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    Call 555-NOPE
  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Member Posts: 770 ✭✭✭
    It's a policy, not a strategy.
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