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resource help

ReepileReepile Posts: 1,552Member ✭✭✭✭
hey, i'm starting an igm game, but i'm stuck. my main resource will be power, so i put single and pural to be power and power, instead of like burger and burgers. will this break my game or make it so that igm cant read what i've put?
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  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,038Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod
    You are talking about the
    -named and
    -displayed as part, right?

    The correct use of this code part is:

    -displayed as %a RESOURCENAME%s
    -named RESOURCENAME_singular|RESOURCENAME_plural

    "displayed as" decides what it looks like where it says how many resources you hold,
    %a is the amount, %s at the end decides if it uses the plural version if it is more than one.
    "named" only decides what the singular and plural names are.

    If your resource only has a singular name, it can look like this:
    -displayed as %a RESOURCENAME

    or in your case
    -displayed as %a power
    -named power

    This should not cause any errors (worked fine for me).
    Just drop the %s in the "displayed as" part, so it doesn't use the plural version.
    You can also drop the plural name as well in the "named" part, since it is not necessary anymore.
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