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A nasty bug randomly exterminates my shiny wrinkler

VarrokVarrok Posts: 3Member
Whenever I close the game, the next time he might be gone. He just doesn't save sometimes. I don't want him to die. :( He ate a lot of cookies and they vaporize with him, the only workaround is to import a previous save.

Help! Save the wrinkler!


  • VarrokVarrok Posts: 3Member
    In the heat of the moment I forgot to mention that I'm running the non-beta current version. Cheating is also a major no-no for me.
  • VarrokVarrok Posts: 3Member
    I found that if you have one shiny wrinkler and a few normal wrinklers, you pop the normal ones and save, then the shiny wrinkler is gone when you reload.
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