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CC is acting weird after antivirus scan

healz4Diamondhealz4Diamond Member Posts: 1
I have absolutely no idea what's happening.
Sometimes, the little box in the image is there and IF it's there, the wrinklers will move and pop when I click them. The cookie count will react to a wrinkler click. The game will continu autosaving. BUT after a while it'll all freeze.
Then when I refresh the page, and the box isn't there, the wrinklers are frozen and don't react to clicks at all. The cps and cookie count do not react to anything. The game also doesn't save at all.

In both scenarios, the only building window that will update when clicked on is the cursor one. but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.
When I move over the buildings the explanatory window will pop up, but doesn't fade.
I can't go to stats.
The buttons in options respond when I click them but most of them don't do anything. The ones that do only partially do what they're supposed to eg. 'Short Numbers' only affects cursors and grandmas.
When I refresh, the game acts as if I had it closed and I get the welcome back message.

I suspect one of my antivirus programs had something to do with it, and right now adwarecleaner is my #1 suspect. Hitman Pro is also a suspect.
Is there a simple way to fix this, or is all my progress lost? I accidentally deleted my save from before this happened.


  • ArcanemagusArcanemagus Member Posts: 4
    That looks like something is injecting stuff into the page, assuming whatever that is hasn't broken the save functions you should be able to export a save and restore it once you get things cleaned up.
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