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My game wont start

emil215pemil215p Member Posts: 1
whenever i try to launch the game it just it wont load i here is the code tell me if there is something wrong here btw i deleted the picture links from here because the website wouldnt let me post links

Let's make a game!
-Lasagna Clicker
-Emil Juel Korsholm
-Version 0.1

Settings :
-prices increase by 110%
-selling gives back 75%
-resources are hidden by default
-clickables are hidden by default
-buildings are hidden by default
-upgrades are hidden by default
-boxes : main (resources, clickables); store (upgrades, buildings); stats (achievements)
-hide log
-background : "blue"
-text color : "white"

Resources :
-named lasagne|lasagnas
-starts at 0
-show 2 digits
-You have %a lasagna%s

Clickables :
*Food House
-Gives 1 lasagnas
-gains 10% per feeder
-named make lasagna
-picture :

Buildings :
-Manual Cooker
-costs 10 lasagnas
-gives 0,5 lasagnas
-named manual cooker|cookers
-picture :

Upgrades :
-"you are good
Unlocks burger stands."
-costs 1000 lasagnas
-unlocks at 0 lasagnas
-unlocks manual Cooker
-named Building permit : manual Cooker


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