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In Regards to the Issues with CWS...



  • ChisakoChisako Posts: 1,034Moderator, Helpful, Cool, Conversationalist, Funny, Cake Mod

    So obviously, it's all me.[...]

    well... yes, it's what you get for abusing your situation to gain attention. Like i said... this is not the right place but you didn't want to believe what i say. That's the result.

    No, I said that you should know that people did indeed insult me,[...] I have proof you not only saw the post, but even agreed with it[...].

    you feel insulted but no one literally insulted you in my opinion. different things.
    and like i said in pm. he shouldn't have said it was childish, it was disgusting to do that.

    Because they were advice that either don't work, actively harm the situation, I already do them, or in Jarr's case which I apparently am 100% the cause of, insulting me and making me feel like shit, and does not fall under "help" whatsoever.

    and yet you still demand that this forum solves your problem for you. don't you see how much of nonsense that is? look up a suitable place... for your own good.

    [...] Look at every post made in that span of time. Notice nobody shows concern.

    I showed you proof, [...]Look at the first page, go back in the archives [...] and you'll find a post about Pizzagate.

    again... just by you admitting that you did it for the reactions, i'm not taking THIS part serious anymore even if i'm wrong in the long run. you gave us all reason to not believe you at this point.

    your proof regarding DLK is off-site, thus i shouldn't care in the first place and i'm definitely not looking up any archives on a different website.
    if there was an issue it was apparently a one time thing and you shouldn't have read DLKs message anyway since he is pestering you as you claim.
    if it were as bad as you say, you'd have more than ONE message that has a link to an unrelated website. so, no proof as far as i can see.

    btw... if what you said is true, you could sue DLK. if your "proof" is solid, you'd get rid of him, not only here. in addition you could get a decent amount of money as compensation as well. since you are so sure about it, it would be dumb not to sue him.

    Except, if you deleted content simply because you didn't like it, that would be just flat-out abusing your moderator powers.

    here's the thing... we can delete unwanted content and users at any point for no specific reason. you accepted this by registering here. unfair? depending on the situation, maybe. unreasonable? not at all; it's also common practice ANYwhere.

    And what proof is it you have that they are incompetent, or that I did that with them? What inherent proof is it that you can, for sure, prove that this occurred?

    It's called common sense and universal education (or general knowledge if that fits better). I'm a few years older than you and I have a few more contacts than you. I can ask people that are or used to be in similar situations and I can ask people, that know their field AND live in your country. You are messing with someone who has advantage in life experience and did not spend most of his life at home... so don't take me lightly.

    What verified link do you have that people who are not mentally stable are inherently dangerous to anybody else? And do you REALLY not need a PhD to find out those laws?[...]

    People that are not mentally stable... are mentally UNSTABLE. I don't need a verified link to know the definition of unstable. Have you heard of people that jump in front of a train or from a building? They are a threat to others as well. So that's that.
    And no, I don't need an PhD for that, really. You can look up most of the laws fairly easy if you know what you are looking for. In addition, there is this awesome invention called phone that i can use to ask a lawyer and germany has this even more awesome thing called "legal protection insurance" which makes it easy for me to contact the right places. So it's not even a big deal.

    Listen. He did the same thing as me; [...]. Just that, if I was punished, he would also be punished, since he did the same exact core offense.

    Like i said in pm... his wrong doesn't make you right. Keyword Hypocrite.
    The worst punishment i could rightfully think of is a warning for calling it childish which was insensitive and improperly for the situation. Not to mention that it was worse than just childish.

    Because, like I said, the advice was either useless to me, was advice that hurt me, was advice I had already taken and would do me no good, or in some cases, were actually just blatantly insulting me and calling me a terrible person, which does not fall under the category of "help" nor "advice."

    again: then why are you still demanding that this forum solves your problem when it clearly cannot?

    And I explained why I felt it was wrong.

    I simply did the right thing, even if you disagree. Did you forget about the kong users lurking here? you potentially made yourself laughingstock over there. And you hate us for stopping that? fine. make a clown out of yourself. ffs...

    Are you certain that was going to be the result of my doing, or someone else's?

    I don't memorize the passwords to my alts, and in a suicidal fit, I likely will not be in a right state of mind to even remember to try. An alt can also be banned all the same, and in the case of an IP ban, it would result in every alt being banned, no matter what. Thusly, you can't really expect me to simply use an alt.

    an IP ban is always the final ban, which we did not apply yet, thus you could have used your alts. Password reset is a thing. using disposable emails is not allowed anyways, so you should still have had access. Not to mention that i said "through other means" there is skype, and steam which i know that you use them, for example.

    One you moderate. The slack chat.

    except that i don't; that's a fallacy.

    I will apologize for that, but only if [...]

    and you lost me again. someones wrong does not make you right, no matter what. offending me was a thing. jarr saying something about you was another. i said enough about that above already.

    Given this situation, this pretty much tells me I could very much lose everything I have in my life at the whim of the moderators here simply not being merciful.

    If it weren't for zuptin and me you'd be perma banned months ago... no mercy? funny!

    And how do you think this makes me feel? [...]The fact that I came to an entire community for love and care, [...], to the point that staff has confessed that they want to ban me but don't have a good reason to yet,[...]

    - again... just by you admitting that you did it for the reactions... you read this before.
    - Like i said... this is not the right place... i said that already as well.
    - Who confessed what? I told you that you would have been perma-banned already if someone else had made the decisions, not that we are looking for a reason. That we have plenty, just and unjust alike.

    quotes shortened for space reasons.
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    Call 555-NOPE
  • AgubhaguAgubhagu Posts: 573Member ✭✭✭
    If all advice here is so useless, and does you no good, maybe you should find advice elsewhere, or help yourself. Or don't. After all, all advice to a person is useless for them if they don't want to even try to cooperate.
  • Jarr2003Jarr2003 Posts: 3,794Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    CWS, if you're so angry about me "calling your depression a bluff," then attack me for it, not Chisako. Furthermore, you accused Chisako of lying about his depression a day before I made that post, meaning that you have no excuses for saying such a thing.

    Furthermore, I didn't call your depression a bluff in that post. I said it was wrong to use suicide as a means to get something you want. There is a distinct difference. I think the usage of the word childish was justified in that context, because that's literally something a child with no idea what depression really is would do.

    As for you leaving for a week, you can't leave for a week (not even that, you left for four days) and expect us to assume you committed suicide. If you really want us to think that, leave for a month, maybe a couple of months. Hell, by then you'd probably accidentally calm down without expecting to. Just leaving for a week, however, isn't long enough for everybody to assume you committed suicide. People take short breaks all the time, whether it be because of being busy, simply not wanting to come on, etc. It's just an irrational assumption to make.
    Another one bites the dust
  • CookiewoodstockCookiewoodstock Posts: 16,175Member, Flagger ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Chisako said:

    Given this situation, this pretty much tells me I could very much lose everything I have in my life at the whim of the moderators here simply not being merciful.

    If it weren't for zuptin and me you'd be perma banned months ago... no mercy? funny!
    Ah, so the default on most of, if not almost all websites is, if you're suicidally depressed, you're likely to be permanently banned for attempting to vent, and this place is merciful for not permabanning me after venting my frustrations. Alrighty, I'll bite.

    I'm going to ignore the fact that this place is NOT merciful on any account because of the fact that a thread dedicated to helping me was used to HURT me, and instead go over that saying this website being "merciful" for simply not permabanning me over venting suicidal depressions in a not-stellar way and not taking "hang in there" or "call a suicide hotline" for advice, is completely stupid.

    Let's say for a basis of example, that this is a website or section of a website that I am at least relatively active on. While it is not exactly a primary source of my communication, I am on it enough for it to at least have me have a notable impact on it.

    I will not include places that are not aware of my mental illnesses. so even though I am a crucial moderator on /r/fnafcringe and /r/inanimateinsanity, since I have chosen to keep those separated from my personal-personal life and do not wish for personal matters to get involved within those, I will not be mentioning those, but keep in mind I am literally trusted by the creators of a popular web animation series that gains MILLIONS of views to moderate their subreddit.

    Now, let's look in expanding order of communities I am active within; least active listed first and most active are listed later.
    • /r/RhythmHeaven - I have mentioned it in passing, and I am new there, but I have been given praise for my posts, and have one of the top posts made for January 2017. One meme in particular was dubbed "the ultimate shitpost" on the discord for the place.
    • HTwins Central - Have mentioned it on occasion on the #serious channel of the Discord, and while I am not particularly active, I have lurked for months and are seen as just a kind of okay user there, nothing to really hate on.
    • /r/OsamuSato (subreddit) - Yes, I'm separating this one and its Discord. Mostly because I founded the fucking subreddit, but not its Discord. Yet nobody's argued against me, despite the fact that I have mentioned it in passing on the subreddit IIRC.
    • PokeFarm Q - Mostly on a Skype group with a few users I know, though. I have made my stress overall made VERY known, and for suicidal depression being such a bannable offense, people there seem to care an awful lot and DON'T think I should be banned. Oh, look at that, I guess PokeFarm Q is merciful too. Except...
    • /r/OsamuSato (discord) - Yes, this too. I did mention it'd show up again. I don't even hide it there. My suicidal depression is as hidden as my fucking bisexuality there, it's clear as day. And wouldn't you know it, even though I am only a moderator there and not an admin (didn't found the discord), they have nothing but respect and show disgust to the fact that my issues are allowed to happen. I guess I raised a very merciful community! Except...
    • Plants vs. Zombies Wiki - The juggernaut. Truth be told, I HAVE gotten warnings due to outbursts, but no bans, and the worst it got was a one week demotion (staff agreed 1 month was incredibly harsh for the situation). Yes, DEMOTION. I'm staff there. Rollback? Hah. Discussion moderator? Nope. Content moderator? Yep. I'm a fucking CONTENT MODERATOR. And, oh, would you look at that! Even though I was given warnings for such things and demotions, they were NOT for the reason of suicidal depression! Oh, man! This place must be merciful already. And keep in mind that the PvZW is by no means perfect; a past staff member told me to "fuck off" during a suicidal outburst of mine. He later got demoted. Another past staff member yelled at someone for their grammar even though they were mourning the fact that their dog had died. He was not only demoted but there were plans to ban him. Oh, but what's this? I ran for ADMIN one time. And one user, That Really Annoying Guy, gave an absolute oppose, saying I will never be an admin for my mental illness issues, and said it was a "cold, blunt truth." When I reported it to a bureaucrat, guess what they did? Did they agree and tell me that I would never be an admin and proceed to yell at me like TRAG? Why, by your logic, since most websites would do that, he sure di-- oh, wait, they gave him a two week warning?! Oh, but it wasn't disqualified? Wait, it was only reported after the vote was over, and disqualifying a vote after a vote is over is impossible. So that's, like, a pacifist wiki at that metric!
    Now, let's look how merciful YOU guys are, since, after all, you guys would never permaban someone for suicidal depression, since you're all ran by staff members who are so, so merciful.
    • Permabanned on slack for depression outburst
    • Permabanned on discord for depression outburst
    • Banned for 24 hours on forum for depression outburst
    I rest my case.

    If a place where the passing of your dog is met with you being yelled at for bad grammar is more merciful by your own metrics than you are, you messed up on a fundamental level.

    But hey, you know what to do. Just reply saying I'm wrong, disagree, and farm the respect of other users while dragging my life further down into a risk of meeting a fucking demise. Because that's all I'm good for nowadays. You might as well just give me wiener and give both Jarr and DLK cool and stop trying to be so passive-aggressively subtle about it all.
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