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Critical Clicking

chupaflabachupaflaba Member Posts: 8
What if clicks had a chance to be critical? If a critical click happened, you would get 2x the normal amount you did whilst clicking!

Basic knowledge of critical clicking:

Chance of Critical Clicking: 30%

Critical Click Amount: 2x normal click amount

How to unlock critical clicking?: Buy the following heavenly upgrade "Finger Clicking Good!"

Prestige Upgrades:

-Finger Clicking Good!
Cost: 1000 heavenly chips
Helpful DESC: Unlocks the ability of critical clicking
Other DESC: "This technique is a secret and should be kept a secret to the mortal world! The Cookie God used this technique to banish the one and only.. Cookie Monster! You must remember, great power comes great responsibility.. Pfft! Yeah right! Go out there and make me proud champ!"

-Kentucky Fried Clicking
Cost: 3500 heavenly chips
Helpful DESC: Increases the chance of a critical click by 10%, creating a total chance of 40%
Other DESC: "Beats Louisiana!"



-420 Click it!
Cost: 1 million cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "There is no going back! Once a clicker.. Always a clicker!"

-Anti Mouse Trap
Cost: 1 billion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "This little mouse got caught in a trap,
And this little mouse she heard it snap,
This little mouse did loudly squeak out,
And this little mouse did run all about,
This little mouse said, Do not bewail
And let us take hold and pull him out by the tail.”

-Sir Clicksalot
Cost: 1 trillion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "No more 8 hour energy needed! Only critical clicks!"

-Diamond Finger Tips
Cost: 1 quadrillion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "Are you willing to take this to the next level?"

Cost: 1 quintillion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "Curse this retched critical clicking! This upgrade will end up just like the Bingo Center/Research Facility! Nothing but a hideous failure!"

Cost: 1 sextilion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "Sir Clicksalot sure was a hero! Legend says he could chop wrinklers write in half while eating a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie!"

Cost: 1 septillion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "Is it wrong for me to think that grandmas are sexy?"

-Clicking Sin
Cost: 1 octillion cookies
Helpful DESC: Critical clicks give you 2x more than the normal amount
Other DESC: "Please forgive me orteil! I cant help but click married cookies!"


Graphical Details:

Upon receiving a critical click, the font size would be larger, the font would be bold, and overall more noticeable. Instead of the font color being white, it would be replaced with a fire red. Maybe fire would be arising from the font, creating a really cool effect! And most importantly, make the it neon/glowing so that it is very noticeable! It will look amazing! To sum it up, look below!

Font Size: Larger than normal
Color: Fire red
Effect #1: Fire arising from text
Effect #2: Neon/Glowing

Reason?: To make Critical clicks more noticeable and epic!


How this would be helpful:

Since there are 8 upgrades for Crit Clicking, your cookies a click would be multiplied by 18 (because of the base 2x given by the prestige upgrade)! You may think this is to over powered, but I assure you it is not! To get all 8 upgrades, you need to get 1 octillion! you need to be making at least 1 sept a second to atleast get to 1 octillion. You'd probably make 3 sextillion per click. 3 multiplied by 9 would equal 27, that means that you have a 30%/40% chance to make 27 sextillion a click, which would be very helpful during a clicking frenzy or a dragon harvest! For example, a clicking frenzy gives you 777x the amount of clicking power you would normally have! 777 multiplied by 3 would equal 2,331. Now, 777 multiplied by 27 equals 20,979, which means a 30%/40% chance to get 20,979 sextillion cookies during a clicking power frenzy. If you compare those two numbers, you would see the difference between without critical clicks and with

2,331 Sextillion < 20,979 Sextillion

Keep in mind though, 1 octillion is a long way to go to get to the max potential of Critical Clicking! It is a milestone to get to 1 septillion a second! As of now, im only at 39 quad a second!


  • ¤RunninginReverse¤¤RunninginReverse¤ Member, Friendly Posts: 15,775 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Way too common. On a Clicking Frenzy, someone clicking 10 times per second with Kentucky Fried Clicking would get you an average of 28 critical clicks. With all other critical click upgrades, that would mean 13986 times the amount you'd normally get by clicking with every critical. (This is assuming all my calculations are correct.)
    Afraid to remember what you had made.
  • ViniVini Member Posts: 3,521 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ah, why not? Let's run some number.

    So a 40% chance of critical clicking means an average 2 crits per 5 clicks, and for that reason our hypothetical clicker will click 5 times per second.

    You recommended a CpS of 1 septillion. With nothing but the Mouse upgrades, you'll make 9% of that per click, i.e. 90 sextillion.
    A Frenzy increases your CpS to 7 sept, so you CpC will also increase, to 630 sext.
    Finally, during a Dragonflight, your CpC is multiplied but 1111. Oooooooh, boy! That is one big number! For a multiplier, at least. Because at the end of it all, with only one normal click, you'll be making 699930 sextillion cookies. How much is that?
    That's almost 700 septillion! 100 times more than your current production!

    Now we bring our hypothetical clicker.
    Yeah, with all the critical click bonuses and what have you.

    So every second, HC (not Heavenly Chip) scores two crits. A normal crit will give a x2 bonus. That's like clicking a second time for free, twice.
    And if every click, during the 20 seconds or so of a Dragonflight (it's more, I know, but let's factor in FpS drops from such high numbers) is a 10000% instant boost to CpS...
    Well, you have better put some chutes on your bank, because it's skyrocketing faster than you can say "By the burnt beard of the blasphemous baker!".
    You didn't say it outright, but the Critical Click upgrades are additive, given that all of them give you a x18 bonus.
    That's okay. That's way more than a x10 bonus, which is all we need to go from a 11 minutes worth of production in one click to almost two hours.
    Two hours worth of production per critical click. Two critical clicks per second. 20 seconds overall.
    80 hours, or 3 days and a third, of your normal cookie production. From the kinda rare but definitely doable Frenzy-Flight.
    And that's just the crits.

    Sure, you still have less powerful but way more common Click Frenzies and Cursed Fingers, so while the best case scenario might be a little too hard to pull off, by the time you get one all the other criticals combined will almost finish the game for you.

    Really, we don't have Critical Clicks because there are Golden/Wrath Cookies already, which are a lot more fun than just a red, bigger number than usual.

    Also wrong category. This one goes to CC Suggestions. Edit your post with the gear on the right top corner of it.

  • chupaflabachupaflaba Member Posts: 8
    @Vini I totally agree now that you mention it! Golden/Wrath cookies are basically critical clicks!
  • The_Cookie_GodThe_Cookie_God Member Posts: 439 ✭✭✭
    Pretty sure there's already something called ''Finger Clickin' Good'' in the game.
    I'm not beginning to feel like a cookie god. I've always felt like one, because I AM one.
  • jupiterboyjupiterboy Member, Wiener Posts: 53
    Too common.
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