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Add support for big numbers in the "Short Numbers" mode

NazgandNazgand Posts: 3Member
edited December 2016 in Suggestions
The "Short Numbers" formatter only goes up to 999.999 quindecillion, and call any bigger numbers "Infinity", even though javascript stores numbers as big as 1E308 i.e. 100 Uncentillion.
I corrected the code, which you can run in the console to fix the problem. I hope that this code gets merged into the game so that I don't need to run it every time I play.
My source for the number names:
var numberFormatters=[rawFormatter,formatEveryThirdPower(['',' Million',' Billion',' Trillion',' Quadrillion',' Quintillion',' Sextillion',' Septillion',' Octillion',' Nonillion',' Decillion',' Undecillion',' Duodecillion',' Tredecillion',' Quattuordecillion',' Quindecillion',' Sexdecillion',' Septendecillion',' Octodecillion',' Novemdecillion',' Vigintillion',' Unvigintillion',' Duovigintillion',' Trevigintillion',' Quattuorvigintillion',' Quinvigintillion',' Sexvigintillion',' Septenvigintillion',' Octovigintillion',' Novemvigintillion',' Trigintillion',' Untrigintillion',' Duotrigintillion',' Trestrigintillion',' Quattuortrigintillion',' Quinquatrigintillion',' Sextrigintillion',' Septentrigintillion',' Octotrigintillion',' Noventrigintillion',' Quadragintillion',' Unquadragintillion',' Duoquadragintillion',' Tresquadragintillion',' Quattuorquadragintillion',' Quinquaquadragintillion',' Sexquadragintillion',' Septenquadragintillion',' Octoquadragintillion',' Novemquadragintillion',' Quinquagintillion',' Unquinquagintillion',' Duoquinquagintillion',' Trequinquagintillion',' Quattuorquinquagintillion',' Quinquinquagintillion',' Sexquinquagintillion',' Septenquinquagintillion',' Octoquinquagintillion',' Novemquinquagintillion',' Sexagintillion',' Unsexagintillion',' Duosexagintillion',' Tresexagintillion',' Quattuorsexagintillion',' Quinsexagintillion',' Sexsexagintillion',' Septensexagintillion',' Octosexagintillion',' Novemsexagintillion',' Septuagintillion',' Unseptuagintillion',' Duoseptuagintillion',' Treseptuagintillion',' Quattuorseptuagintillion',' Quinseptuagintillion',' Sexseptuagintillion',' Septenseptuagintillion',' Octoseptuagintillion',' Novemseptuagintillion',' Octogintillion',' Unoctogintillion',' Duooctogintillion',' Treoctogintillion',' Quattuoroctogintillion',' Quinoctogintillion',' Sexoctogintillion',' Septenoctogintillion',' Octooctogintillion',' Novemoctogintillion',' Nonagintillion',' Unnonagintillion',' Duononagintillion',' Trenonagintillion',' Quattuornonagintillion',' Quinnonagintillion',' Sexnonagintillion',' Septennonagintillion',' Octononagintillion',' Novemnonagintillion',' Centillion',' Uncentillion']),formatEveryThirdPower(['',' M',' B',' T',' Qa',' Qi',' Sx',' Sp',' Oc',' No',' Dc',' Ud',' Dd',' Td',' Qad',' Qid',' Sxd',' Spd',' Ocd',' Nod',' Vg',' Uvg',' Dvg',' Tvg',' Qavg',' Qivg',' Sxvg',' Spvg',' Ocvg',' Novg',' Tg',' Utg',' Dtg',' Ttg',' Qatg',' Qitg',' Sxtg',' Sptg',' Octg',' Notg',' Qag',' Uqag',' Dqag',' Tqag',' Qaqag',' Qiqag',' Sxqag',' Spqag',' Ocqag',' Noqag',' Qig',' Uqig',' Dqig',' Tqig',' Qaqig',' Qiqig',' Sxqig',' Spqig',' Ocqig',' Noqig',' Sxg',' Usxg',' Dsxg',' Tsxg',' Qasxg',' Qisxg',' Sxsxg',' Spsxg',' Ocsxg',' Nosxg',' Spg',' Uspg',' Dspg',' Tspg',' Qaspg',' Qispg',' Sxspg',' Spspg',' Ocspg',' Nospg',' Ocg',' Uocg',' Docg',' Tocg',' Qaocg',' Qiocg',' Sxocg',' Spocg',' Ococg',' Noocg',' Nog',' Unog',' Dnog',' Tnog',' Qanog',' Qinog',' Sxnog',' Spnog',' Ocnog',' Nonog',' C',' Uc'])];
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  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Posts: 788Member ✭✭✭
    Wouldn't it be far easier, not to mention user friendly, to simply use the "E" notation?

    there is a reason why this is universally preferred by scientists. It provides instant visual information about the size of the number, so that rather than trying to remember whether one quinquadecigillion is bigger than one nanononasesquidillion, the reader can concentrate on the actual substance of the article he/she is reading.
  • medsal15medsal15 Posts: 104Member ✭✭
    This is all a matter of opinions. Nobody is forcing you to like it.
    I always give people what they want. Unless I can't.
    I'm still learning english so I probably make some mistakes. I will correct myself if I find it.
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