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Why the "Defocus" option?

bob_32_116bob_32_116 Member Posts: 750 ✭✭✭
I think I understand what this setting does: make the game less resource intensive when it's not in focus, by not having the processor waste time doing things like drawing objects and updating things in the display every few seconds. My question is: why is the option even there? Why not have it permanently enabled? What possible reason is there for turning the option off?


  • BillaboBillabo Member, Friendly, Conversationalist, Turquoise Posts: 1,221 Mod
    If you have a good enough computer to have it open alongside another window, where you're mostly active in the other window but click over to get reindeer and golden cookies, you probably don't want it to look all choppy.
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  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Member Posts: 750 ✭✭✭
    I hadn't thought of that. It would only be necessary for reindeer, because golden cookies, once they appear, stay in the same place until they vanish.
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