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Frenzy + Lucky! Golden Cookie effects not stacking. [SOLVED]

runswithbricksrunswithbricks Member Posts: 3
edited February 2017 in Bug Reports
When I first bought the Get Lucky upgrade I got a Frenzy and before it ran out I got a Lucky! Cookie which did 15 minutes of production x7 for a total of 105 minutes of production as intended. After this first instance though, subsequent Lucky!-ies were not registering with the Frenzy status and only gave me 15 minutes of prod of whatever my bank was at.

Essentially, the effects are not working together as they should be. It seems to have worked with different GC buffs (Such as the special building one) But I haven't gotten another instance to confirm whether or not it works consistently with them. Edit: It works with different cookie combos, it just doesn't work with Lucky!

Just a footnote, Frenzy DOES work on my CPS, and Lucky! Does work as intended, it's just not working together simultaneously. I had refreshed the game and restarted my computer, neither of these solved the issue.
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  • BillaboBillabo Moderator, Friendly, Conversationalist Posts: 1,269 Mod
    You might be hitting the cap of 15% of your current cookies in bank.
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  • runswithbricksrunswithbricks Member Posts: 3
    I don't think so, I mean for example I have 30 billion CPS and 180 Trillion cookies in my bank. If I pick up a Lucky! Normally it will cap because of my CPS which will give me 27 trillion cookies. Now if I pick up a Frenzy and then a Lucky! my CPS is boosted, making my 180 Trillion the cap, I would normally receive 27 trillion, but because of the Frenzy I'm picking up x7 the amount so I should be getting 216 Trillion, or 1 hour and 45 minutes of production.

    This isn't the case though, and only occurred the first time, every subsequent Frenzy Lucky! combo gave me the normal 15 minutes (In this example, the 27 trillion) amount, like I never had frenzy to begin with. All the source info is coming from the Wikia by the way.
  • runswithbricksrunswithbricks Member Posts: 3
    After reviewing how it works and implementing in my gameplay, you seem to be right about the 15% cap, I read it wrong and expected a different result. Thanks man!
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