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Refresh Firefox caused CC to start over, load from file not working

Starlightzz85Starlightzz85 Posts: 3
So I refreshed my Firefox and lost all progress on Cookie Clicker. I haven't even checked the other 3 idle games I have been playing to see if I lost those too. So I looked up where Cookie Clicker keeps the auto save files and people say different things. Some people say it keeps it in localStorage, while others say it keeps them in webappstore.sqlich in your Old Firefox Data folder. So from within cookie clicker I click on load from from file which takes me to the old firefox data folder that was created on refresh and I go down to the webappstores.sqlich file and choose that to load. Cookie Clicker then freezes brief moment like it is loading it, but then it just resumes the same game that was restarted. Does the auto save on the reset game override the auto save from before I refresh Firefox? I was also manually saving the game here and there, which is the very first button under General in options, though of course I have not clicked it after Firefox refresh reset it. Is it in localStorage or webappstore.sqlich? If it's in localStorage I can't find that location.


  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,051 ✭✭✭✭
    If you had the new game open for more than a minute, it overwrote any old save that might have been there. Be sure to back up your save from time to time!
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  • Great, that's what I was afraid of. -_- I'm not even going to restart this game over to play it a 3rd time. This was my farthest distance on the game. I was about to buy research/bingo center upgrade (before 1st ascension). The first time game restart is after I went away from it for a year and came back, yet all progress was mysteriously gone. Now this....I don't think I can get myself to do all that again. Is there a cheat way to get back to where I was at? And then I can turn cheat off?
  • BillaboBillabo Posts: 1,051 ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 2016
    Yep, it's pretty easy once you know how to open the console. Read up on cheating here:

    I think this code will be what you're looking for, to quickly regain your progress:
    Game.Earn(<amount adding>);
    of course replace what's inside the ( ) with a number.

    Oh, and that will give you an achievement showing that you cheated, so if you don't want that, you can use this afterward:
    Game.Achievements['Cheated cookies taste awful'].won=0
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  • I looked up cheats after posting that and used Game.cookies=(amount here) and just bought everything again. I think the one you posted might be similar, except instead of setting amount to a number it adds the number. I would eventually have to cheat anyways for the achievement since I planned to ultimately unlock all achievements, though I would of saved cheat one for last. Thank you for the help. ^_^
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