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figured it out

AgubhaguAgubhagu Member Posts: 568 ✭✭✭
edited October 2016 in Help
I am making an upgrade which gives you x of resource y when it's bought.
When I use the command gives, it gave me infinity of that resource, even though I set it to give 1. That's a power command( that loops every second), right, so I changed it to this :
"-gives x y...when bought"
But, it didn't give me anything.
I didn't misspell the name of the element( it's not x, this is just an example). Could anyone help ?
EDIT1 : I will try another command.
EDIT2 : Okay, I tried a different command( multiples x y...when bought), it didn't work, either.
EDIT3 : I also tried it without the three dots, but it still gave me infinity y.
EDIT4 : Eh, it doesn't matter anymore.
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