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qwertynosikqwertynosik Member Posts: 2
edited October 2016 in Suggestions
I want to suggest some new prestige upgrades:
1. Wrinklers eats cookie even if the game is closed (the amount of eaten cookies depends of Angel and Demon upgrades)
2. New info upgrades, for example:
(•) When you purchase the "Wrinkler info" upgrade, you would be able to see the amount of cookies in wrinklers(how much cookies you will get if you pop all wrinklers now)
(•) "Buildings info" upgrade. This upgrade show the most optimal building and maybe show building rating(BR): BR(1)=CPS from 1 of this buildings/price of this building. (In general BR(N)=(CPS of 1 building * N)/price of N buildings). This BR swithces, when you switch buildigs count (1-10-100). The opposite to BR is BR^(-1), it is simply the time of recouped(in seconds) WIth 1/60, 1/3600 and 1/86400 coefficients it converts into time of recouped in minutes, hours and days.
(•) It is not upgrade, but its needed to make the opportunity to change the number of buldings you want to buy manually, instead of default 1-10-100. Sometimes I want to know, how much does it cost to buy 50 buildings(or any other number), but i cant do this.
(•) "Ingame uprades info". The same as "Buildings info", but for ingame upgrades. The BR^(-1) is working here to, so you can compare buildings and upgrades. And if you buy both "Buildings info" and "Ingame uprades info", there would be 3 different rates: only building rate(the best building among only buildings), only upgrades rate (the best upgrade among only upgrades) and the global rating, witch show the bestpurchase among all buldings and upgrades.
3. Season length increaser-obviously, increase season length.

P.S. Sorry for my English.
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  • dr_flashdr_flash Member Posts: 124 ✭✭
    What you need is an Add-on. There are a few, elaborated on and linked to on the Wikia. Many of these do all you want, and a lot more.
  • qwertynosikqwertynosik Member Posts: 2
    dr_flash said:

    What you need is an Add-on. There are a few, elaborated on and linked to on the Wikia. Many of these do all you want, and a lot more.

    I know that addons have this opportunities. But I want to see it in default game.
  • bob_32_116bob_32_116 Member Posts: 787 ✭✭✭
    Some of these suggestions are reasonable

    The "buildings info" can all be easily calculated with a calculator program or spreadsheet program (which is a glorified calculator).The cost to buy N buildings is
    C * (R^N - 1)/(R-1)

    where C is the cost of the next building and R is the cost inflation factor, which in this game is 1.15.

    I would have thought that having something showing you the optimal building kind of takes away the point of the game. It's a bit like playing chess while having a grandmaster sitting next to you telling you what move to make. You might win the game that way, but it's not really you playing the game, is it?
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