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Last Prophecy - Mature Community Driven RPG

CalamityCalamity Posts: 15,095Member, Friendly ✭✭✭✭✭
Born from the last power of an ancient tome stands a new hero, you. Prophecies have told of a hero that will rise, but all of the prophecies turned out to be false except the last one which had raised you from its ashes. But is a hero really what they are seeking for or someone...or someone to just save them from the imminent apocalypse? A zombie Apocalypse? No compared to what's ahead that was just icing on the cake. Now demons from hell and more reign supreme and humans are just another race for whom to wipe out. One of many, but things have slowed down now that the cycle of death and life has adjusted to the new food chain. But it is now time for you to start it back up again and make humans something once again to introduce fear even if that makes you a beast.

You will save the world be it a kind gangster or a heroic angel. Who you are is up to you. But how you do it that is up to destiny . Every level you go up, the world becomes more hellish. Every person that joins, the world seems just a bit bigger.

And every time you die fortune seems to be less and less in your favor...

But what you are capable of...fate seems to be afraid. Maybe it's because of you. Or it's perhaps of the formation of other new champions to sway its balance.

and once again take over the world, sounds like fun...Don't ya think new champion? Will you take up the challenge?


Name your character.

Pick your gender.

Describe your character. (Physical appearance, not their apparel. You start with your hands and grass coverings and that's it. Don't ask why. )

Compete with others to become the strongest of all! (Forum Game)
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